About Me - MSquared Eye

Hello! I'm Matt Michalek (M Squared!) and I am in love with taking street photography in New York City. There is always something interesting going on and every corner provides a new view on an exciting subject. The city pushes me to look for new perspectives on things we see everyday.

I also take photos at CrossFit Outbreak during class workouts, events, Rehab & Recovery Lab, and more. I love the challenge of capturing the emotion and intensity the athletes are putting into each and every movement. I make sure to give the athletes plenty of space and provide them with an atmosphere that allows them to work to their full potential and not feel limited, pressured, or invaded by my camera.

This is the attitude I bring to every shoot I do. Photography is a very personable experience and you should feel comfortable when I am shooting.

All the photos you see here were taken with a Nikon D90. As of Spring 2018 I am a proud owner of the new Sony A7III. While the camera doesn't make the photographer, I am excited about taking advantage of the incredible capabilities of the Sony A7III and look forward to sharing my new work with my audience and clients.                                                    

My services are available for your events ranging from parties to sporting events and more. Please feel free to reach out to me with any inquiries by clicking "Contact Me" above.

Check out my portfolio for some of my favorite shots.

And don't forget to connect with me on Instagram!

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